Trans-Atlantic Consulting Group

You can work for us as an employee or as a freelancer. We offer you more than a job. We train you through our own BPMO Academy, coach you and support your where we can. We believe in a strong long term bond. Our slogon is ‘Welcome Home’.

A job, and education, a future

You will be contracted through our company at client locations. We expect that you have a pro-active role. This means that we will together look for suitable assignments. Not on an assignment right now? That means that you have time to attend training courses organized by our BPMO Academy. With certificates in your pocket you have a better chance of find a new assignment since you will be more attactive to our clients.

Growth opportunities

Our HR coaches do not only look at your current profile. Together with you we set out a long-term growth path and together we will find interesting assignments on your journey. To do this we use our fast network on national and international relationships.

Good salary

Your salary is based on the profit we make our your assignment. That means that you get a base salary and a monthly bonus based our your current assignment. For us you are not just an employee, you are part of our success.

Personal contact

It is very well possible that you will be contracted to a client location for a longer period of time. That does not mean that you are forgotten. You will also stay part of our team. That means that we will regularly organize events where we can share knowledge and keep in touch.

Own profile

Every employee can upload his or her resume on our website so that clients can identify them quickly. Employees can also see open vacancies. Interested in a job? Tell us by using our contact form on our website.

I want to work for you

Interested in working with us? Use the contact form on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible.