Trans-Atlantic Consulting Group

Our employees are contracted to clients. To do this we use a national and international network of recruiters, headhunters and staffing agencies. We have a large number of professionals available. Still looking for something special? BPMO Academy can always help you with this.


You can place our employees on your projects for shorter or longer periods of time.


Rather have our professionals on your own payrol? After having contracted them for 6 months you can ask our professional to come and work for you as your own employee. This way we hope to build a long-term and strong relationship with you.


You can hire us to find the right professionals for you. In this case you just pay us for our services.

Personal contact

We believe in a strong network. That means that we organize events on a regular basis. During these events you can meet our professionals and share market developments are requirements. Together Strong !!

Own profile

As our client you receive your own login and profile on our website. You can use it the place vacancies and review resumes.

I want to work with you

Are you interested in working with us? Use the contact form on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible.